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Bet Using Mobile Phone Credit

Great news everyone! There is now a way to bet using mobile phone credit. Players who like to play on their mobile phones can now add to the cost of a deposit to their phone bill. It can then be paid off at the end of the month, as you would pay your normal phone bill.
Want to find to find out how to bet using your mobile phone credit? Stay tuned and we’ll explain it further below.

How to Bet Using Your Phone Bill

Some casinos may have this option as standard but you’re more likely to find this option at mobile-friendly casinos. If a casino markets itself as a mobile casino, then you should head straight to this banking section to check out payment options. You may find that the option exists to pay by phone bill or to pay by Boku. Both will allow you a way to bet using your mobile phone credit. Boku is the name of a service which liaises with the mobile network provider to set up a billing station. Payments made via Boku are not limited to betting. You can buy many different things, as long as the vendor is compatible with the method. You’ll have to create a Boku account before you’ll be able to bet with your mobile phone credit. After registering, you’ll be given a verification number. This number will then be required every time you make a payment. At your chosen casino, select Boku as your payment method. Enter the deposit amount and wait to be prompted for your verification code. Once you’ve verified the transaction, the funds will appear in your casino account.

Are there terms and conditions to be aware of?

Yes. Any service has terms and conditions and betting using your phone bill is no different. One of the main factors to be aware of is the purchase limit. If you’re planning on betting a huge amount then this method is likely to be unsuitable. There is usually a low limit on this type of transaction. Although there tends to be no charge by using Boku, you should check to see whether this is true of all methods which allow you to bet using your mobile phone credit. If you are not utilising the Boku system, then check that your carrier is compatible with this type of service. Also, as you’ll be paying for this transaction later in the month it is a good idea to factor this into any budgets that you may have. You don’t want to incur penalties for failing to pay your bill. Not having enough cash in your bank account when the time comes to pay the bill will prompt charges. None of us like bank charges, so exercise a degree of caution when spending. It is now easier than ever to make payment with playing casino games on your mobile. Thanks to innovations which allow you to bet using your mobile phone credit, these transactions are more secure than ever.

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